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We are pleased to announce that paralegal Aprille Beyer has received the credential of “MnCP” from the Minnesota Paralegal Association. The MnCP is a voluntary certification which seeks to establish a standard of competency for paralegals in Minnesota. This program is an opportunity for Minnesota paralegals to validate their qualifications and offers a credential to paralegals who meet certain experience and education requirements.


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From the Desk of Katrina M. Viegas

Did you know our local Girl Scouts council serves 1,486 girls ages 5-17 right here in our Twin Ports community? The average cost to serve a Girl Scout member is $315, so this represents a $589,365 investment in leadership programming for the greater Duluth/Superior region!


Choosing an Attorney

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From the Desk of Terry A. Trogdon

It sounds simple enough. You have a legal problem or concern and want to ask a knowledgeable professional about it. This means you need to find an attorney who can solve your problem or answer your question. Easy, right? Maybe not. Where do you start?


The first thing is to try as best you can to figure out what kind of attorney you need. While all attorneys have a basic knowledge of law and the system, most have areas of the law in which they are more knowledgeable or experienced. This means you have to look at the kind of question you have.

Minnesota Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Orders

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From the Desk of Alexandra M. Reynolds

There are two types of protective orders available in Minnesota, Order for Protection (OFP) and Harassment Restraining Order (HRO). The two differ significantly in who they can protect, and how you qualify to get one.

An OFP is designed to protect people who are experiencing domestic abuse. Domestic violence is defined as:

  • physical harm, bodily injury, assault between family or household members;

Beware the Stranger—And Some Friends and Family (From the Desk of Terry A Trogdon)

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Exploitation of vulnerable adults is a growing concern in nearly every community. As the population ages and as those who have some disabilities are retaining more independence, there are more opportunities for intentional and unintentional exploitation. So just what is exploitation? According to Minnesota law,

“Whoever does any of the following acts commits the crime of financial exploitation:

Thinking about “Going It Alone?” Conciliation or “Small Claims” Court (From the Desk of Katrina M. Viegas)

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Everyone knows hiring an attorney can be expensive, not to mention all the associated fees and costs to take a legal matter all the way to court. But, not everyone knows that people may have the option of filing their lawsuit in court on their own, without an attorney. In Minnesota, this special court is called Conciliation Court, but is also known as “small claims” court, in part because the amount of money in dispute cannot be too large.

What Is a Paralegal? (From the Desk of Mona L. Cich-Moen)

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We’re often asked what a paralegal is and what the differences are between a lawyer and a paralegal. A paralegal is someone who has knowledge of the law through education, training, or work experience; she or he performs legal work and tasks requiring knowledge of the law and legal procedures under the supervision and direction of an attorney. A paralegal cannot give legal advice nor can they represent someone in a court of law. However, a paralegal can do an incredible amount of work for a client (not to mention the attorney!) when involved in a difficult legal matter.

I’m Buying a House – Do I Need a Lawyer? (From the Desk of Matthew H. Beaumier)

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This question comes up regularly from both current and potential clients, especially during the short summer season when the real estate market becomes extremely busy in this part of the country. For most of us, buying a home is the most expensive proposition in our lifetimes. For that reason alone, we always recommend the client consider hiring an attorney, if nothing more than to review documents before they are signed.

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